Company incorporation and business management services in the US

TRADE WITH US provides various types of company incorporation and business management services. These services include the incorporation of new companies, the sale of Ready Made Shelf companies, companies already incorporated with bank accounts working, companies already incorporated with EIN number, and if needed, we can provide Ready Made companies in the USA

We can offer an special referral to Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Chase , and other banks to help you open a bank account. This will enable you to benefit from the advantages business banking provides. It’s not just Latin American and international corporate business accounts we can help with. Banks outside Latin America follow a different setting-up and checking procedure but we can also support you in that.

All our services are offered in remote!


TRADE WITH US is a Florida-US based management company whose main service is trade of goods. We offer to our client the service of creation and incorporation of companies in the United States.

Through our Associates in the US, we have an almost immediate response capacity to any need of our clients, regardless of jurisdiction.

 The main states in the country where we incorporate societies are:

• United States

  • Florida
  • Delaware
  • Wyoming

Additional Services we offer

Establishing a new company can be rewarding, exciting and full of possibilities. Your new business will depend on many things including what it should be called, how it will work, what it will do and what its future will be. Trade With US is a firm for those people who want to establish their company smartly and successfully.

Whether you are taking the first steps to starting your LLC or CORP (Limited Liability Corporation or Corporation) Company or need to make the presence of your existing company more effective by an online website or accountancy solutions, we are by your side:

Ready made companies

It is time consuming and quite expensive to setup a fully working office. Trade With US offers quality Virtual Office services suitable for both starting and existing businesses.

Nominee services

Trade With US offers three types of nominees for USA companies: Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder(s) and Nominee Company Secretary. We are committed to preserve anonymity and provide extra support to meet with your legal requirements. The service can be taken during the registration of your company or at any time in the year.

Secretarial service

It is mandatory for all firms to maintain statutory registers, meeting reports and send forms and returns to Companies House.

Notary and apostille services

Our firm offers a full certification, notarization and apostille services to companies that need legalized documents for an overseas body or wishing for a foreign branch registration.

Registered office service

All US companies are legally required to have a registered US address. TRADE WITH US  provides registered office services for your business entities that are registered in the US. It is the official address of your company and is on the public record as such Companies House, HMRC and other government agencies will use your registered address to send all official correspondence relating to your company.

If you are taking the first steps to start your company, as an LLC or CORP we are by your side.

Bank accounts

Trade With US offers all its clients assistance in opening bank accounts, both corporate (for companies) and personal. Our assistance includes the request for forms, verification of personal and corporate documentation to be delivered to the bank, advice on the requirements of each bank, preparation of meetings with the bank when appropriate, etc… Corporate or personal accounts , Can be opened in major currencies such as USD and EURO. In certain circumstances, the bank may request a personal interview at the bank’s offices.

We can provide bank accounts in the following countries:

• United States


Prices for bank account opening assistance are professional fees only and do not cover any bank charges and commissions for account maintenance or transactions. Our professional fees are established for companies whose business activities do not require professional licensing and regulation.

Banks are entitled, in their sole discretion, to accept or reject applications to open an account, so we will introduce you to the bank and guide you throughout the account opening process; However, we can not guarantee that your account will be approved by the bank and successfully opened.

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